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To Wear or Not to Wear White on Graduation?

May is just around the corner which means graduation season is fast approaching! Spring is such a season for change and growth and that is reflected in all the graduation ceremonies that are set to take place. I am so excited to say that I am graduating in May myself! Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology is such an honor and I am blessed to be able to live my dream here at Statements! Going to a fashion school means I have to look extra good on my graduation day but where can I find a dress?! Here at Statements we have countless dresses that are perfect for the graduate, the mom, the sisters, and the friends; anyone who wants to look special on such a special day.

This dress in particular is perfection for a graduation. I say YES to wearing white on graduation! Wearing white on graduation is a tradition that many girls love to follow. White symbolizes new beginnings and the positivity that is to come as we complete this milestone in life and enter either college or the real world.  This dress designed by Lavender Brown is detailed to perfection. The sleeves are flowy  and sheer making it perfect for the warm weather. The crocheting detail is so intricate and gorgeous that it’s truly a masterpiece.  The shape is flattering for any body type and anyone wearing this dress will feel beautiful and sophisticated.

Whether you’re graduating, attending a graduation, or simply want a pretty dress for summer, Statements is your go to! Come check out all the goodies we have to make your day that much better!



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