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The Twelfth Christmas

Driving home the other night it occurred to me that I am celebrating my Twelfth Christmas at Statements…wow! I began to reflect on past Decembers recounting the hustle and bustle, thinking of different styles and trends and most importantly thinking of all the wonderful people and families I met. I feel so grateful, blessed and lucky to have had customers who now have become dear friends to me.       

On the cusp of 2020, the beginning of a brand-new decade; I thought about how the world of retail has certainly changed in the last ten years. Today everything moves at lightening pace and the world seeks and expects instant gratification. Shopping is as easy as the click of a few buttons and bonus your package arrives the next day! It has become a ‘sit and shop’ environment. Call me old school, but especially when it comes to clothing and accessories I want to see, touch, feel and even smell the merchandise as in leather goods. When you purchase something and are spending good money; I feel it is so beneficial to have someone who can assist you with everything from the perfect outfit, to the proper accessories to match and even provide style tips for hair and makeup. I call this, “The Personal Touch” with someone who has your best interests at heart.       

With that said; I feel so fortunate to be a small business owner in a town like Madison. What I love about my customers is no matter where they shop, be it online, at the mall or even house parties; they still shop local at their favorite downtown stores. I shop with all of you in mind and strive to create an environment that is a little oasis from your daily grind. It is not just a store to me but a place where I have had some of my greatest laughs and deepest cries with you my friends.

This my Twelfth Christmas I feel humble and yet proud of my achievements. I plan to keep going, maybe another store one day, who knows. I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of Statements, but especially being a part of my life!         

Happy Holidays to you and your families and hope to see you soon for that perfect gift.

xo B

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