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Jewels on Jewels on Jewels!

Hi Ladies~
It' time to talk jewelry! Following up on my "Style Tip Thursday" video, as many of you know I have a mild...well honestly a severe obsession with jewelry. Luckily for my husband, not fine jewelry, but what I like to call 1 OAK's or 1 of a kind pieces & they sometimes turn into OBG's...oldies but goody's! Let me explain...while there is nothing wrong with the finest of the fine, you don't necessarily want to wear your best jewels every day. Designers have made it so easy for us to be able to have play with jewels and mix and match pieces which ultimately still make us look like 1 million bucks! The designers we source for you go out of their way to find the latest trends. They put their own spin on the trends and allow us to aid in the creative process, which ultimately brings you something very unique and very 1OAK! Because of this we tend to only carry 1 or 2 of each individual style and once they're gone, they're gone...hence an OBG...oldie but goody! These are pieces you will fall in love with and over time they can become more special to you than your best jewels. Hurry in to check out the latest finds before they're gone!
xo B

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