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Our Story

The Statements Boutique experience and the product selection reflect owner Brooke Ciali’s vision to offer inspired fashion and home goods at affordable prices.
The Statements’ origin story began in 2008, opening the first boutique in Madison NJ, but the dream began many years before when Brooke’s creativity and passion for unique clothing and accessories was a twinkle in the eye of this Lawrenceville native. 
During her years at St. Joseph’s University and into her early career in pharmaceutical sales, Brooke nurtured her creative talents and spent her days dreaming about opening her own store.
After years of dreaming of running her own business and overcoming obstacles, Brooke took the leap and created a boutique experience that filled a need in the community. Starting her own business allowed her to follow her passion and work with clients to help them feel confident and look their best.
Early in my career, I spent all my time dreaming about opening my own store. I knew I had an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to succeed. This was always my calling and I have chased it and overcome a lot to share my passion with others.
I want to offer unique pieces (clothing, accessories and gift items) at affordable prices, so everyone has the opportunity to feel special. Choosing our Princeton Nassau Street location is a life-long dream for me. I now live and work in the vibrant and charming town of my childhood.
Our boutique experience is designed for Princeton-area shoppers who are looking for a comfortable and homey shopping experience, offering eclectic style and a wide selection from crystals to cashmere to jewelry. I personally select all the products in the boutique with a majority of products coming from US-based designers. My motto is to stay unique, special, and ahead of trends.