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Inspire Yourself!

Who and what inspires you…and what do they inspire you to do? Many of us are scared of our dreams. It’s very easy to bury them far into the depth of our psyche and visit them only when we sleep or when we first awake. Did you ever notice when you first wake up that everything is completely clear…all of your responsibilities for the day; whatever you forgot to do yesterday and what you plan to do in the future? However, as we rise and the day creeps in all of that clarity that we had at 7am completely dissolves and we frantically run the wheel until the day is done.

Personally, in speaking with several tremendously inspirational women (and if you want to know who they are please contact me) I’ve been working for the past 3-4 years I would say to break this cycle. It is so important to do things for you and I believe you can inspire yourself! Take moments in the crazy to just stop and breathe. Grab a cup of coffee and do absolutely nothing. I have found that in the quietest moments I’ve been surrounded by my own voice screaming the loudest with jubilation and excitement for whatever is in the moment or coming next. As we all know it’s so hard to “live in the moment”, but just try and take half of that moment and do for you. I used to believe that it’s selfish to follow this practice, but it’s SO not! The more you give back to yourself the better you’ll be not just for you, but also for your husband, your children, your family, your best friend or your co-workers.

I implore you today to inspire yourself! Take that dream that you’re scared of and at least jot in down in a journal or tell your family or someone that you trust. This brings you one step closer to making it a reality. Even if you just say it out loud to yourself, put it out there! We have the power to already know what we want and how to get there, but we stop ourselves. No matter how little or big it is start with yourself!

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