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Wear What You Want!

Fashion has always been a major part of my life and I couldn’t imagine having a career in any other industry. Fashion lets me be who I want to be. Fashion speaks to me. Fashion speaks for me. My style changes day to day, mood to mood, but I have always been a fearless fashionista. If I like what I’m wearing and I’m proud of how I styled it, you know I’ll post that OOTD (outfit of the day) selfie on Instagram!

Fashion is all about how it makes you feel and the confidence that it provides for you. If you like it and you feel good, embrace it! Who cares what people think; who cares if you’re following the right trends. Trends are always fun to look at for inspiration and they definitely help to broaden your fashion horizon but they’re not a strict guideline. Let the trends work for your style and your comfort zone.

Make sure what you wear makes you feel beautiful, makes you feel confident, makes you who you are.

This fall, keep your eye out on the streets to see what other people are wearing. Get inspired to wear what you love. Be your own style icon. Wear what you like, how you like.

If you love plaid, wear flannels every day! If you love oversized sweaters, get yourself a great pair of leggings and some killer boots! If you obsess over handbags, buy a statement, leather bag and wear it with pride!  

No matter what strikes you out there in the fashion world, be you and be proud!



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