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A Midsummer Night's Dream

Here we are in the middle of July and half of our summer is behind us. Some people are already starting to think about going back to school shopping and fall clothes, BUT don’t rush the summer away! There is still plenty of time to travel, go to the beach, have some family barbeques, and eat al fresco with friends. The summer is the ultimate time to be carefree and just have a good time so your summer wardrobe needs to match that attitude! Dare to wear something out of your comfort zone before the summer ends! Brooke and I are all about the fun jewelry to wear with any outfit, so even if it’s a piece that scares you, just wear it! We will be glad to help and give you pointers on how to wear something and make it your own! Be carefree, be wild, have fun, experiment with your clothes! We still have new summer shipments coming in with great little dresses, gorgeous beaded necklaces, and super fun earrings for all of your end of summer plans.

Sure you can dream of wearing those beloved jeans, boots and sweaters, but live in the moment and wear those silk dresses, tons of beaded necklaces and those stunning statement tassels earrings!

Remember, live in the moment and enjoy the rest of your summer to the fullest!



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