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10 Years and Counting...

August 1, 2008 – August 1, 2018

     A whole decade of Statements has passed and we are only getting started!  As many of you know, owning a boutique and keeping it in business is no easy task and to think that Statements is celebrating 10 years and continuing on to many more is inspiring and heartwarming.  We look forward to being your go to store for years to come and staying a part of the amazing community of Madison.
    Over the past ten years, Statements has been a staple here in Madison and we could not be more appreciative of all our customers! From 57 Main St to 42 Main St, Statements has had quite a makeover and we dug up a few old photos to show you the incredible change!



I have been a part of the Statements family for three and a half years and I can honestly say, I am blown away but what Brooke has done over the years. She is a true inspiration and she is the epitome of a small business owner. She singlehandedly built this business to be what it is today and that is due to her strong work ethic, self-confidence, and trusting her instincts. Every day is a new day and every day is different at Statements and no one knows what the next chapter is for us.
         August 1st also marks our one year anniversary at our new location and it has been absolutely incredible and being able to expand to more product categories, new designers, and more customer events has been nothing short of excellent.  We could not have done any of this without you and we are truly blessed.
          On Wednesday, August 1, we will be hosting an ALL DAY celebration to commemorate the last ten years and to say thank you to all of you! We will have food, drinks, discounts, and more so be sure to come by, hang out with us, and do some shopping!

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